Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dynamotive Ships BioOil and Char

Dynamotive Ships BioOil and Char from West Lorne and Guelph Plants
(as included in the "CHCH Tallows Report" and as presented to EECA,  and various Territorial Authorities / Blair )

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation (OTCBB:DYMTF), a leader in cellulose based fuels technology, reported today that it has shipped biofuels from its plants in Ontario.

West Lorne shipped 22 tonnes of BioOil to the U.S. and 50 cubic meters of char to a soy bean farm in Ontario, Canada, to be used as soil enhancer, as well as a number of sample shipments to potential customers. The shipments mark the restart of commercial operations since the completion of the plant upgrade to a 130 tonnes-per-day facility in late February. The Company further reported that it is planning deliveries of fuel and char in April as customers confirm orders under existing contracts.

The Company informed that its on-site 2.5 megawatt electric cogeneration package, developed by Magellan Aerospace, is expected to commence operations in April. Dynamotive has an existing power purchase agreement with the Ontario Power Authority for the generation output.

The plant's first shipments followed testing of fuel at Dynamotive's and the client's facilities, and acceptance by the Company's client. The shipment marks commencement of revenue deriving from operations at the plant.

During the month of March, the Company operated the plant completing progressively longer production runs. The first two operational runs occurred on the 29th of February - four 5 hour runs at 20 tonnes per day average feed rate and 2 hours feeding at an average capacity of 25 tonnes per day. Further production runs were conducted with continuous feeding runs on March 9th through the 11th and the 15th through the 17th, and March 20th at similar average capacity rates. Peak capacity feed was verified by Tecna engineers at 83.3 kgs per minute of sawdust representing 119.9 tonnes per day feed rate or 92.2% of revised nominal plant capacity. After each run fuel quality was measured and adjustments on plant equipment were conducted where needed.

In April, the Company plans to run the plant at higher feed rate capacities with shorter intervals between runs as the commissioning adjustments are completed. The limitation in increased rate capacity in March was due to reduced feedstock availability at the plant. Feedstock availability is increasing at site and the Company has secured alternative sources to ensure a higher rate of plant utilization.

Operations at the plant were conducted by Dynamotive operators and engineers with the support of Tecna and Tepsi staff. Dynamotive engineers and staff included three operators from West Lorne, four engineers from the Vancouver office, four from the Waterloo Research Laboratory and one engineer from the U.S. operations.

More information on West Lorne operations will be posted on Dynamotive's website.

Guelph shipped 22 tonnes of fuel to Illinois, USA, where Dynamotive will burn BioOil Plus and BioOil at Eclipse's combustion facility on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of April with potential clients present, and the following week with independent testing agencies. A number of tests will be made to compare the combustion profile of BioOil Plus and BioOil against #2 and #6 fuel and mixing/combining with #6 at the burner tip. The performance data will be further used for Dynamotive's product application and customer development.

The plant had previously undergone testing and inspection processes by regulatory and technical authorities in readiness for continuous operation in late 2007. The tests conducted demonstrated the capacity of the plant to operate at its nominal design capacity of 200 tonnes per day biomass input.

Dynamotive and Evolution Biofuels produced, during the months of January and February, sufficient fuel to meet the testing requirements from potential customers. The plant is in standby mode with biomass available for the production of biofuel. Production at the plant will commence upon completion of fuel testing programs by clients, and orders being confirmed for the fuel produced.

The Guelph plant, with a capacity to convert 200 tonnes of biomass into BioOil per day, was developed in partnership with MegaCity Recycling Inc. and operates under the name Evolution Biofuels Inc. When fully operational, the plant will process 66,000 dry tons of biomass per year with an energy output equivalent to 130,000 barrels of oil.

About BioOil® Biofuel

BioOil® is an industrial fuel produced from cellulose waste material. When combusted it produces substantially less smog-precursor nitrogen oxides ('NOx') emissions than conventional oil as well as little or no sulfur oxide gases ('SOx'), which are a prime cause of acid rain. BioOil® and BioOil Plus are price-competitive replacements for heating oils #2 and #6 that are widely used in industrial boilers and furnaces. They have been EcoLogo certified, having met stringent environmental criteria for industrial fuels as measured by Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Program. BioOil® can be produced from a variety of residue cellulosic biomass resources and is not dependent on food-crop production.

About Dynamotive

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation is an energy solutions provider headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with offices Waterloo Ontario (Research) in the USA, and Argentina. Its carbon/greenhouse gas neutral fast pyrolysis technology uses medium temperatures and oxygen-less conditions to turn dry, waste cellulosic biomass into BioOil for power and heat generation. BioOil can be further converted into vehicle fuels and chemicals. The final stages of the commissioning process at the Guelph plant and the reconstruction of the West Lorne plant may be seen by viewing photographs regularly posted on the company's website at

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