Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Monday, March 17, 2008

As Earth Hour approaches the Ice Melts.

C&C supported by Parker, or As Earth Hour approaches the Ice Melts.
Hon David Parker, Minister Responsible for Climate Change Issues took questions from the floor at the Rotary South hosted Climate Update [Christchurch Town Hall, 12/03/08].  Parker was clearly averse to explaining why Contraction and Convergence [C&C] had been omitted from the policy development/emmissions trading consultation yet concluded by saying, very publically and before the cities business doyens he personaly supports C&C. And so he should.
Visiting MfE officials have said 'they are C&C' and Treasury at the Christchurch's "Chateaux on the Park" prerelease of ETS in 2007 said "C&C is the conscience behind what we are doing here".  
Is Parker's shyness pre-election jitters, absent a constitutional framework that tests and measures ETS efficacy? He obviously knows it is hard to fault anything without a baseline or deliver it without a framework.  If the plan is to cover any failure with obsfucation, then plenty of practice is being had.
On the Christchurch release of ETS I personally spoke with Right Hon Helen Clark and determined she had no knowledge of C&C. This was after she had just visited UK PM Gordon Brown in C&C London, a Westminster debating a C&C Bill and all in C&C CarbonZeroBritain. My East Christchurch MP says I should bring my climate concerns to David Parker. Yeah Right.
Labour appears to think a Euro compliant ETS is 'holding a better hand' than National's 'dunno what we are doing yet!'' having satisfied farmers with a $750million election bri..., sorry, research subsidy.( Ironicaly ensuring that my kids are propping up Fonterra's monopoly on sustainability.)
Erstwhile the lost economic opportunity and carbon offset for some free 'applied science' that could have equally delivered ONE MILLION Solar thermal KIWI HOMES. 
ETS was always political expediency before social ecology; it couldnt even fool Australians!.  
And still the glaciers keep shrinking. How do I explain this to my children?

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