Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Christchurch Mayoralty, Sex Education and STV

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Jim Mora, 
Radio New Zealand Afternoons.

What the polls tell us is Bob Parker will be about as popular as 2007 when four out of five voters didn't vote for him.  
The polls are telling us the same of Jim this time around.

Bring on STV, it will cure the media of the pretence to two horse racing. 

Neither Bob nor Jim have been tested in the public arena. 

Has the former Drug Czar ever been tested if he would ever deliver on core issues that were under his brief for so long. Safer Christchurch? on Climate Changing Christchurch, or even on Healthy Christchurch. 

Bob's an Alcohol Champion whose 2007 electoral campaign included touring with Police on cannabis busts.  (Press debates)

Now we learn Parker's SAFER Christchurch Crime-fighting and Emergency skills descended to dissing the "Emergency" Police out of a chopper ride to view the damage presumably to show his wife 'this is my life in fluoro'  (Canterbury Issues). 

If one thought Bob has done a wonderful job, one would either have amnesia, is star-struck or its a full moon. His term has been a travesty of civic governance.

As for Anderton, he's responsible for a drug policy mess that requires Dunne to lie about it to the Criminal Justice sector. 

Not that drug policy hasnt messed up teens in general. Eight hundred of the thousand young people who went through the University of Otago longitudinal study [CHDS]  would be in Anderton's Jails, suspended, expelled or taken from their parents, that is if we hadn't buggered their life with a lifelong Criminal/Justice record going by his rules.

Could former Health Minister Anderton (and likely chair of Healthy Christchurch) explain to us sceptics how Dutch teen pregnancy, STD's, trouble with the law and youth suicide is one fifth ours and convince us it has nothing to do with removing the double standards. 

And we want to make this man Mayor of Bob's BoyRacerville where we sit in wait and chase the young buggers down the busiest streets in town as fast as we can and not expect harm maximisation?  Turn out your pockets kids!

What Republic of Christchurch Mayoral candidate has expertise across the inter-sectoral policy base again?  The one kicked out of Healthy Christchurch or the one arrested and charged for talking about it? Or the one banned from Anderton's Wigram office because his own Ministry suggested he talk to me and he felt asking for the meeting was threatening behaviour? It's on parliamentary letterhead.

In August and September  we had two of the worlds experts here talking about youth and drugs (Prof Nutt and Sir Ian Gilmore) and no one noticed? They talked in the Rolleston lecture theatre at the med school. Drugs are about health. When a few days later 
Joe Boden PhD,  reported on cannabis and youth to the entire Canterbury health/alcohol/youth/drug sector telling us how bad we doing [its our data, not the Netherlands'] and NO hard questions are asked of these Mayoral public health pretenders...

Alcohol and other Drugs health promotion is deluding us all and media pretends it doesn't get it?
(I feel another Tui billboard coming on).

If Healthy Christchurch followed its signatory obligation to the Ottawa Charter much could be learned. (including attracting multimillion dollar research budgets)

But with either of these two canvassing clowns at the head of the table the next three years we will assuredly be asking why we still still be asking the same questions in 2013? 

Why should media care.. without dysfunction their wouldn't be news huh!
Both Parker and Anderton come with guarantees as good as gold. They are both blessed by this earthquake, teh focus on re-building saves them from confronting themselves.

To improve sex education and youth 'best practice' policy, spread STV.

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