Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Saturday, September 19, 2009

On state controlled and regulated cannabis and alcohol.

President George W. Bush meets with California...

"Texass Blonde Geowrge, jew bwing any?"

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State Controlled and Regulated Class D,
Cannabis under Class D would be 'state' controlled but community trusts could administer and local bodies enforce. (No more difficult than licensing trusts for alcohol, indeed easier if community has buy in to solutions under ambit of Class D regulation.) 
Empowering Communities to fix what is broken....   revenue stream should be fiscally neutral.
If cannabis isn't the problem its shouldn't be bearing the (cost) burden.
Cannabis SHOULD compete with Alcohol, and displace the serious 'demon drink'  harms economically.
To raise the cost and decrease availability of  of alcohol without lowering sanction on cannabis will lead to more sanction related harm  > ipso facto more police resources required to fix emerging problem. [Changing Alcohol laws/regulations may make the problem worse to more people ]
for example in Sellman's  5+ solution, blanket age of 20yrs for alcohol is proposed. Whereas Class D is 18yrs. (IE: practice with safe drugs and less will abuse alcohol at 20yrs)
Remove anomalous double standards that are an identified impediment to 'all drug' health promotion
Yadda yadda  /Blair


Copenhagen Considers Legalizing Cannabis - By User
A debate over legal marijuana has been raging in Denmark this summer because of an unpleasant gang war. Denmark has had a liberal attitude towards cannabis since the 1970s. The open sale of hashish. ... The report refers to the Beckley Foundation Cannabis Commission report in several places. In short, the report concludes (like Arnold Schwarzenegger) that there are no examples of state controlled and regulated cannabis, but that it could nevertheless be an alternative to ...
420 Magazine -
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