Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Friday, August 24, 2007

“Smart City, Clever People”

Ethics, Equity, Evidence, Efficiency, Engagement.

Real Solutions, Real Discourse. I am committed to delivery of reductions in crime and public disorder, improving public health, better protection of children and wiser use of public resources;

  • Single Transferable Vote [STV] for unfettered debate.

  • Beyond Kyoto leadership via “Contraction and Convergence”, a framework for climate justice, one hemisphere at a time.

  • Air and Water Quality by design.

  • Linking Rural, Urban planning in Canterbury Issues.

  • Precautionary Principle in the RMA and Civic governance.

  • Less regulation, more responsibility.

  • Sustainable innovation in Energy, Transport (it’s what I do).

  • Leveraging our Peace and Garden City tradition.

  • Foster Eco-tourism.
The challenge for Christchurch in these changing times will be to think outside the square and respond with direction. Mayor Blair is for what tomorrow should look like not for what today will bring.

Be informed, visit send the required signal and Vote Blair here.

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