Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Friday, September 20, 2019

Sell the TOWN HALL, it is not fit for purpose!

If the notion that there is the incumbent, the Minto and the alcohol guy, and that's it has been reinforced across a significant proportion of the venues where debate has been touted as being between the big three, then consider this. 

Civic debate has been held in the Town Hall since forever, until the quake. We paid for that Town Hall, we vexed over that Town Hall, and then we paid to fix that Town Hall, and for what? So it can't be used for Civic debate. If that is so it is not fit for purpose and should be the first asset to go! 

I have recently learned that the local Chinese newspaper has 'the big three' again. Yet this candidate is the only one learning Mandarin and is travelling to China to continue his observational study of the human-canine relationship.

我最近了解到,当地的中国报纸再次拥有“三巨头”。 然而,这名候选人是唯一会学习普通话的人,他正前往中国继续他对人与狗关系的观察研究。
Wǒ zuìjìn liǎojiě dào, dāngdì de zhōngguó bàozhǐ zàicì yǒngyǒu “sān jùtóu”. Rán'ér, zhè míng hòuxuǎn rén shì wéiyī huǐ xuéxí pǔtōnghuà de rén, tā zhèng qiánwǎng zhōngguó jìxù tā duì rén yǔ gǒu guānxì de guānchá yánjiū.

1,2,3 or 4, for the District Health Board. What do you see as the big issues impacting the mental health and wellbeing of Cantabrians?

** What do you see as the big issues impacting the mental health and wellbeing of Cantabrians?

Systemic issues relating to post-earthquake interface with insurance and repair failures. Urban design and social equity that is counter to connectedness and wellbeing. Role of Alcohol in dysfunction, illness, accident, violent crime (personal security) , FAS and the disconnect with other popular drugs of choice, though (currently) illicit. Clarity from an evidence-based perspective surrounding the issues pertaining to the 2020 referendum to re-classify herbal cannabis. And finally the social habitat, housing and equitable and affordable access to services, for everyone.

** How confident are you in your personal understanding of mental health and addiction issues in Canterbury?
Very, though happy to acknowledge the work that is done at the pit face, the candidate has a long-standing relationship with the health sector where it interfaces with drug policy at both regulatory, education and its pharmacology. A 47-year history of doing so, some say successfully ? 

**How confident do you feel implementing national mental health strategy and policy?

If one can handle the vexing and still unresolved tensions underpinning the National Drug Policy and its intersect with Mental Health (ie: Raurimu Massacre), all things are possible. Of particular interest is the dropping of the use of the phrase 'addiction' from the DSMV and the recognition that harm reduction doesn't follow increased usage or prevalence of use. And that criminalisation policy is institutionalised stigmatisation with the burden of .it being ageist, sexist, racist and classist in the application. The writer co-founded Educators for Sensible Drug Policy where we have a legacy [and currency] in the Canadian implementation of Cannabis Law Reform. (see EFSDP.ORG)

**What are your views on cannabis legalisation?

Deserving of support, 
for if the referendum should fail the 'right thing to do' will be delayed 10 years or more.
Expungement of records and saying Sorry is imperative.
All cannabis law as it presently stands is exacted under the warrant of the minister of health but policing dominates the 'health interventions' with its continuing legacy of enforcement at all costs that lead to poor outcomes such as impediments to health promotion deviance amplification and alienation from rule of law.
The real 'diamonds in the sky' will be climate mitigation and health dividend from hemp, both from the known current industrial, boutique and innovative uses, aside from the social dividend of 'hope'  leading to prosperity and employment opportunity. 

** What would candidates like to see happen in Canterbury with the increased funding that will come about following the mental health inquiry report implementing and wellbeing budget?

There will never be enough money, but what we do do is measure, measure again and follow the money = success trail,

**What role do you see the health system in Canterbury playing in trauma recovery? Especially for young people impacted by earthquakes, fires, school lockdowns recently etc.

Many people know me for what I do, I train and work with the behaviour of Dogs. Nothing quite works as powerfully or as simply.
This is seen and evidenced time and time again, especially in children. Courts now use companion Dogs for their social dividend in post-traumatic 'evidential' trials. Such emerging innovative concepts should be explored, trialled and assessed.

Biophilic Cities have and deliver healing,  Dogs are the natural environment that lives on the ends of our beds. They contribute to significantly elevated walking levels (See UK MENE  study) that contribute to real dollar savings health and wellbeing dividends. We can be better informed to make access to these cost-saving public health deliverables possible. Christchurch/Canterbury is well-positioned to enable and foster such i

**What do you see your role being with regards to improving cultural competence in Canterbury health services?

I can, without any doubt account for 'improving the social, scientific and educational dialogue surrounding the culture of cannabis such that as a candidate 'also standing for Mayor' if I were elected, I would be Chair of Healthy Christchurch, the very organisation that kicked me out because Cannabis (and seemingly being informed about it from a health and safety perspective) saw this candidate relegated to UN-Healthy Christchurch by its sponsors.

**What is your knowledge of and views towards peer support for people with mental health or addiction issues?

Hold on to your Mates! was a community and public health initiative focused on alcohol, yet C&PH cannot talk about 'don't share spit' because to do so is fostering illegal activity. This doesn't reconcile with needle exchange. The difference is advocacy. It is peer support networks that are imperative to harm reduction/minimisation. (again proof that the current legislative response is harm maximisation)

**What are your views on the value of consumer advisory roles? Would you be interested in working with Awareness for consumer input into your work?

There are people more skilled and more competent than I (I applaud the work for example of anti-violence folk who work with the perpetrators) but that is why listening to consumer AND advocates is so so important. In Cannabis policy we have forgotten the consumer.... and what they bring to the table. We are talking about them when it should be no decision about us without us...

It is these areas that I believe the Board needs 'the best consumer advocate it can enlist' but in this case, it is the voter who is left to determine (under STV on which I lobbied, extensively) which sentiment is to 'make it in'. There is no more important time for such consumer advocacy.

In addition, the writers working knowledge of air pollution, congestion, urban planning, transport, energy and social justice in climate 'emergency' environments all contribute to the enabling a sense of place, participation and personal wellbeing.

Finally, the writer has a deep but lay knowledge of medicine has been an IT consultant in the field, with direct experience in pathology and networked health delivery for three global corporates, Burroughs Corporation, International Computers Limited and Honeywell Information Systems and was in private practice as a technology consultant for thirty years.

The writer is presently a director of a successful property and investment company and maintains a passion for skiing.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Saturday, August 31, 2019

If it wasn't for Dogs, there wouldn't be a Dog in this hunt!

As true today as it was then... If it wasn't for Dogs, there wouldn't be a Dog in this hunt!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Doing it!, "Simple on a SoapBox" style.

Welcome to the 2019 Civic Election, its Mayoral race and an insight into campaigning "Simple on a SoapBox" style.

Lunchtime today, I officially commenced my public soapbox meets, first on Cashel Mall under the shadow of the  Bridge of Remembrance. (some will know that I was arrested for doing this a few years ago!)

My next public venue is an appearance at the comedy event of the year at "the Rolling Stone" on Columbo St.,  this coming Saturday Evening.  "Canvassing For Your Opinion".

Of course, the Media is pretending there is only the Incumbent, the Minto and the Alcohol guy! Now there is a roast

Entertaining Ideas! Come along...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Star Trust - Pathway to Reform

Ethan and Amanda, arriving for Safer Community talkfest, dissapointingly after close of submissions (28feb) on National Drug Policy.
Oh dear! Good initiative, bit late.  So it really is up to us!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Support New Zealand's Call for Cool.

Sign On - The World Needs Us