Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Class D for Christchurch 'Brilliant'

A categorization of hard (red), soft (yellow) ...
NZ Regulated "Soft" Drugs?
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This civic minded fellow didn't notice any of the 'other' mayoral candidates at Professor Nutt's lecture held at the Otago School of Medicine this evening... although some curious fellow asked David Nutt if he supported SAFER communities using Anderton's Class D for the regulation of cannabis?

Nutt thought regulating psychoactive recreational drugs "Brilliant" and an idea so clever that he wished he had thought of "Class D" himself. [After acknowledging that he talks about it often and was surprised to learn media (or other commentators) haven't discussed its potential.]

Despite its homegrown origins, its a 'world class' idea more recognised outside of New Zealand than within, it seems.
Well that Anderton guy has something to live up to 'these elections' - lets see if he has electoral integrity or is just Mere talk.
And since Bob Parker's boy-racer "youth justice" intersects with drug policy, (and as both he and Jim probably get a briefing on whats going down on "Canterbury Public Issues Forum") they might note the quote below from a Social Justice paper another Professor I like, another peer of mine.. Prof David Goldson.

If there is a lesson from Professor Nutt it must be that no amount of campaign investment in media and merchandising of image can overcome sheer bloodyminded and populist stupidity.

"At the root of such activity lies a core tension between measured reason and punitive emotion; between an expressed commitment to ‘evidence-based policy’ and a populist rhetoric of ‘tough’ correctionalism."  -  see

"...this article advances an argument that the trajectory of policy has ultimately moved in a diametrically opposed direction to the route signalled by research-based knowledge and practice-based evidence. Moreover, such knowledge—policy rupture has produced a youth justice system that ultimately comprises a conduit of social harm. All of this raises serious questions of
knowledge/evidence—policy relations and, more fundamentally, of democracy, power and accountability. "

- Professor Barry Goldson, University of Liverpool, UK

You should have listened when you had the opportunity JimBob!

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