Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smart City, Clever People

Post subject: Mayor Blair on "A Smart City" - Christchurch

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 1:07 pm

I had been asked, "Should you be elected to council how will you improve Christchurch ?"

My name is Blair Anderson. I am 53. I am a technology consultant focused on the energy and transport sector and a well known social policy commentator across a wide interest range.

I ran for mayor 3 years ago. I was described by the PRESS's human resources consultant as having a "bewildering array of science and environmental knowledge". However, as a 'none the less earnest' candidate this time round journalists seem to be left reeling and dumbfounded by the clear and erudite vision statements I have released.

As a Mayoral Candidate with a clear and deliverable vision including but not limited too climate change beyond Kyoto and vision of evidence based reductions in crime, expenditure and enhanced public safety I challenge any other Mayoral candidate to do better than the deliverable benefits that I bring to the table.

I bring a science and evidence based policy analytic approach to addressing emerging concerns on Air and Water quality, on transport integration and in urban living environments strategy. What art is there in design if safety and security is compromised.

For example, I question visions of light rail absent a progressive guided bus terminus integrated to existing rail capability.

This means stopping the proposed new bus terminus, it entrenches and locks in road network failure.

I propose a transitional move to restrict city ommuter buses to the four avenues and to the one way networks and have the inner city serviced with expanded 'yellow' free low emission's buses pending a demand lead transition to 'light rail' tha links heavy rail and intercity and satellite communities 'work and ride' coach networks.

I would do this by recovering the Adding ton Sale Yards and building the integrated 'civic facilities into an iconic carbon neutral transport hub for the city the binds the airport to the seaport seamlessly. Using guide rail buses we can build the civic corridors of the future while capitalising the infrastructure that will eventually scope a multi modal light rail when passenger levels and carbon/climate make it viable or necessary.

I would enhance participatory democracy ensuring Christchurch elects a mayor and council with no less than 50% of voter support to enable consensus and expeditious board decisions in changing times.

I would engage Christchurch citizens and institutions into the international community surrounding climate change as an antipodean center of expertise and to advocating the southern hemisphere's special cultural and climatological needs. ("contraction and convergence" is the key. go on 'google it' and be empowered! informed and a master of OUR destiny.)

I would engage our sister city relationship with Seattle where 'drug policy' has matured into a crime reducing health delivering, safety enhancing cost saving initiative.

I would question the efficacy inner city development that needs more and more 'bars' to fund developer returns. (its an environmental issue too!)

I would protect Christchurch water by ensuring the territorial authorities re-examine from first principles the first come first served RMA/Environment Court imperatives.

I would move to ensure the Urban Development Strategy of our city, continues to protect its special character and history while ensuring the highest design standards in brown field recovery, in green building and green space provision aimed at community's of interest (again consistent with best practice and consultation)

I would move to capitalize on our Garden, Peace and anti-nuclear international reputation by committing resources to investigating high altitude wind, plasma waste to energy and the incredible utility of Banks Peninsular as a carbon sink to meet at a minimum the 90% required carbon equivalent reductions before 2050.

I would ensure the inner city and arterial networks reduce particulate emissions to levels that make Christchurch a SAFE city to bicycle and walk in all year round. I would do this by making our city clean fueled and license vehicle operators privileged access to the city networks and parking with positive reinforcement for EURO standard emissions.

It is by ensuring that ratepayers get value for their continuing investment in their city that I would make ALL expenditures accountable on a clear cost benefit return basis. Non-core activities such as events management (such as the $30,000 budgeted for Akaroa French festival or the $19,000 for outgoing councilor nosh up) are self sustaining or quite simply, they don't happen on my watch. Clear directives, standards and accountability....

I am here to internalise the benefits of a 'smart city and the rich tapestry of people who live in it'.

And that's just a beginning... enable the outcome! Vote Blair here.

Finally... elected or not, your call for STV in Christchurch will make a difference. Bit don't expect councilors selected under FTP to ask for STV, [turkeys voting for Christmas comes to mind.] It's up to you. You call the shots.

If you want to know more, just ask via this forum. I welcome hard questions!

PS: If elected I would continue to be accessible in Cathedral Square on Fridays, to follow in Garry's tradition would give me great pleasure. Come and kick my metaphorical shins anytime!

"Mayor Blair"

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