Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Blair Anderson, on the hustings 'canvassing for opinion'

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Issues? Democracy's Litmus Test

[press release 22 Sept. 2007]

What Issues? Democracy's Litmus Test

Christchurch's Mayoral aspirant Blair Anderson was 'disappointed' to read the trite and specious analysis provided in recent days by Canterbury hard copy media. (in particular but not limited to the STAR and PRESS). "It is one of the primary reasons I co-founded the Canterbury Issues Forum, an e-democracy initiative engaging new media and the need for the truth to be out there." says the second tilt candidate.

Following last Tuesdays Town Hall debate, the PRESS reported that Anderson and fellow candidate Peter Wakeman 'spoke about climate change'. This is about as truthful as if it had been reported that Anderson said "it had been a warm day on Tuesday". Even sillier, was the observation that Anderson was the only one who came out 'from the podium'. This factoid rhymed with odium. Lets not mention that Anderson's climate change initiative (contraction and convergence) is only endorsed by Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, head of the G8 or that in the context of current politics 'carbon is king'.

If the STAR thinks that candidates in the Bob and Megan show had policy differences it wasn't obvious in the headlines of the 'Weakend STAR' with the appalling headline "Woods puts acid on Parker over mayoralty funding ". The STAR's acid metaphor was base forth estate politicking on the very 'weekend' of delivery and commencement of voting.

The context is even funnier, Wood's fellowship with Progressive Coalition Party "PCP" MP Jim Anderton. Czar Jim imperils reason in misconstruing harm reduction and evidence from his own expert advisory committee on ACID (LSD). The august Medical Research Council rates acid as less harmful to the community or to one's self than alcohol or cannabis. What say you Megan and Bob? Acid or Alcohol? lets find the litmus test that defines public concerns over violent crime, domestic violence, sexual assault. Lets have it? who is tough on protecting the community, who is evidence based, equitable, ethical and just.

It is the public who are being tricked into a polarising battle of persona over policy.

Single Transferable Vote [STV] and First Past the Post [FPP] has to be reviewed in this term of governance and the candidates view on this issue is imperative to informed voter choice. It was 'Mayor Blair' Anderson who put the acid on this policy gap in 2021's Dr Megan Woods. Flummoxed at the Town Hall, she fumbled, stumbled and failed to blow the house down. Yet all the PRESS discovered and publicised was what flavour sugar hit she liked. ( those elected under FPP are unlikely to support STV, it's been likened to turkeys voting for Christmas/Blair).

So? What value democracy? Anderson reports he has spent about 20 dollars so far, with about $9.20 remaining on his warehouse photocopy card. There is a lot of campaigning to go yet, Anderson reports 'I shall be spending the remaining resource judiciously, I need to pay my rates too!."

Megan and Jo have both lauded and indeed suggested they model themselves on the visionary Shadbolt of "Mayor Blair's" birthplace, Invercargill. It is with 'delicious irony' that Anderson noted his SAFER option for women (see attached 'billboard' graphic) is a Shadbolt/Anderson inspired harm reducing anti-crime, waist management and public health policy. Anderson who has professorial advice linking cannabis (policy) to forward looking politicians declared " Mayor Tim and I are both former deputy leaders of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party".

So, in a cogent message to voters and journalists applauding the big spenders, Anderson's $20 for his campaign is still better value and cheaper than a concrete mixer and, it seems "Mayor Blair" is by all accounts the more fiscally prudent even if largely under reported.

As voters open today's mail I declare and I promise a style in leadership 'fresh each day' for it appears Christchurch is not seeking a doctor of history's dead people, nor a "this was your life, Christchurch" just before it dies of chronic congestion following binge drinking.

Christchurch needs a professor of future, a man of living vision, a breath of fresh air, "Mayor Blair".

'Mayor Blair' Anderson ‹(•¿•)›

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